Trouble Will Find Her

short film

Credit: director, writer, co-editor
press: Film Shortage; Director's notesSonic cinema; Omeleto


  • w3 award - drama

  • 3 Gold ADDYS - drama, cinematography, editing

  • International Muse award - drama

  • Webby nomination - best individual performance

Production company: Crown Chimp

Location: Toronto, ON


Julia:  Sarah Horsman
Her Boss: Jon Wildman
The Man in The Hotel Room: Shawn Bishop
Voice of Her Sister: Brittany Duarte
Voice of Her Girls: Destiny and Penelope Vasquez

Director of Photography: Kris Bonnell
Producer: Andre Fitsialos
Producers: Margoth Barrera, Sonia Campbell
Casting Director: Brian Levy
Location Audio: Jeff Chapman
Make up Artist: Moira Garr
Editors: - Matthew King, Nickolas Duarte
Music: Rival Shapes
Sound Design and Mix: Michael Clark
Special Thanks
Nimble Content, Jacob Turrentine, KJ Davidson-Turner, Brian Sanford, Victoria Ramirez, Brittany Duarte, Mary Crosse, Brad Hasse, Frank Armendarez, Oscar Rivera, Reed Chandler, Derby Content


A character drama that follows a Toronto transplant struggling with guilt, relationships, and the life she left behind. This is a performance-driven piece with an editing and visual style that mirrors the protagonist’s journey of perseverance, shame, and the subtle (and not-so-subtle) double standards women face.


Trailer for trouble will find her


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