Sea Change

short film

Credit: director, co-writer
press: Short of the week; Good short films;Film shortage;Sonic Cinema; Omeleto


  • short of the week selection

  • California international film festival

  • hollyshorts

  • big apple film festival

  • gold addy - cinematography

Production company: Crown Chimp

Location: cambria, ca


Tara: Leanna Tallmeister
Halie: KJ Davidson-Turner
Dr. Par: Kris Sharma
Ruben: Andrew Wolverton

Executive Producers: Mel Sarnese, Alan Tallmeister, Leanna Tallmeister, Will Turner
Producers: Julie Lynn Thompson, Margoth Barrera
Director of Photography: Will Turner
Editor: Simon Myers
Composer: Daniel Vildosola
Special Effects Makeup: Vincent Guastini
Script Supervisor: Yara Estrada
Gaffer: Colin MacDonnell
Sound Mixer: Michael Clark
Sound Designer: Christopher Robleto-Harvey
Colorist: Will Turner
Music Supervisor: Jackie Stubbs
“Reunite” performed by Isbells


Directing has a lot of different components and it is difficult to say what component has the most impact on a film. However, I can say my strongest impact on this film was the insistence of casting KJ Davidson-Turner as the crystal-afflicted sister. Since this shoot, I've cast KJ in a project at least once a year and continue to have her be one of my chief creative collaborators. 


Read on for details on how we designed the make-up fx:   


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