Credit: director
press: Podcast interview with Director's notes; Sonic-cinema; premiered at Sliff

Production company: Crown Chimp

Location: tucson, az


Jay: Jay Kyle Peterson

Grandma: Pat Kaye

5 Year old Jay: Destiny Vasquez

Mother/ Dominatrix: 2Kimberly Wolcott

Grandpa/ Mysterious Hooded Person: Mark Klugheit

Cousin/ Mysterious Hooded Person: Bradford Trojan

Dad/ Mysterious hooded person: Steve McKee

Counselor: Karen Pye

Young Woman: Stephanie Ingmire

prom date/ Jesus: Jared Wakefield

Virgin Mary: Dylan Page

as themselves: tish monroe, lesley lillywhite, irene messina, karen symons, judy gatrell, penny the dog, kool cat the cat, potato the pig


Editor: Matthew king

Director of Photography/colorist: Will Turner

Producers: frank armendarez, sonia campbell

art direction: drew grubich, jessica vanravenswaay

1st AD (re-enactments)/locations: Frank Armendarez

1st ad (interviews): keith wagner

Make Up: Sonia Campbell

Sound design/mix/location audio: Mike Clark

Grip: Chance Roberts

Grip: Evan Colten

dit (interviews): ben montemayor

Production Assistants: Katie Healey, Christina Evans, stephanie orr

dog wrangler: christia abell

cat wrangler: randy culpepper

pig wrangler: angel canez

music by: nine inch nails, gio galanti, tony anderson, triads, the white birch
Special Thanks
brittany duarte, brittany machado, sarah hupp, dan devivo, beth vasquez, sherri wakefield, martin plocke, margoth barrera, christine davilla, yvonne montoya, charlie prokopp, cindy medford, suzie q. emmanuel, craig westfall, sean mendoza, ray ramero, lynn lovejoy, richard perez, karen pye, frank sanchez, mary crosee, brad hasse, dr. christina laukatis, rob s. barber, liz hill, gail martino, dr. judith becker, pamela bogan, dr. phillip miller, joel ireland, thomas picton,dr. david foerster


A story about Jay Kyle Petersen, a man who paints. Except it’s not that simple. At all. It’s about something much more complicated and strange and haunting and life-affirming. The film is a glimpse into the extraordinary and complex life of this abstract artist and his even more abstract past.


We spent nearly five years editing this project. It went from a 3 minute short to a 90 minute feature to a purely experimental piece to the final film. You can see our nice and tidy final timeline below: 

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 6.11.06 PM.png

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