harken health

Credit: director

Production companY: derby content, nimble content

Agency: alma

Creatives: Jorge Murillo, monserrat valera

Shooting location: toronto, on

Voice Over: Brian Sanford
On camera:
John Beauchemin, Andrea Thompson, Elene Stamatotos, Chris Stephenson, Sarah Horseman, Pamela Turner, Shawn Heinl, Elisa and Layla Campanella, Carlos Albornoz, Lisa Randall, Andrew Valverde, Sandra Aguilar, Kanza Feris, Daniel Chung
Producers: ximena aguirre, Mary Crosse, Michael Corbiere, Rebecca Niles, Andre Fitsialos
Director of Photography: Kristofer Bonnell
Editor: Brian Sanford
Art Director: Katherine Salnek
Stylist: Lyndsay Reader
1st AD: Wayne Lawley

and a whole bunch of other people who are amazing

Post: kyle edit, nice shoes, sound lounge


Vignette/lifestyle work like this is always difficult to storyboard. It is much more about creating little moments of genuineness on set and then mining for them later in post. However, you still have to show the agency (and even more so the client) what exactly it is you plan on shooting. Totally fair- I'd want to know what I was paying for too. So we do boards- except I'm a terrible artist. Luckily, we had the very talented Trevor Hoier to interpret my scribblings (on the left) with something much more legit (on the right.) Enjoy! 


BTS Stills