Fridge Art

Dear Lacey, 


What you did was bad. Your father and I are very disappointed. 

To begin with, why is the guinea pig larger then the rest of the family? Either you decided to take artistic license which is something you should have cleared with us first, or you don’t know how big guinea pigs actually are. Either way we do not care for your depiction. 

We do not understand your choice to give your father a forest-green mustache. As we discussed earlier, we requested he have a green mustache and by that we meant he should have a lime-green mustache. We are quite confused how you did not understand. 

Also some of the figures have stick legs and some do not. For instance, myself, your brother, and the guinea pig have stick legs while you, your father and the cat have more traditional legs. The lack of consistency in form is troubling. 

Art is subjective so we reached out to Nana to see how she felt.  See her comments below:

  • This does not look as good as her brother’s work. Her brother chose lavender purple for the cat which is what everyone thinks of when they say purple. For some reason she chose royal purple. Doesn’t make sense. 

  • Not premium work. For as much time as she took, I expected so much better. 

  • Why are her and that giant guinea pig the only ones smiling? You are a happy family and everyone should be smiling.

As you can see, we are not the only ones who feel this way. 

Your father and I have discussed and he wanted to get rid of you. However, I do think you have potential and would like to give you one more opportunity.  

Lastly, please stop trying to light the cat on fire. 




Stephanie Greenwood

Your Mother