Fish Hook

short film

Credit: director, co-writer, editor
press: Film shortage; Apocalypse Later; Sonic Cinema


  • Art of Brooklyn film festival

  • Phoenix film festival

  • manhattan film festival

  • arizona international film festival

  • nalip showcase

  • streamnowtv

  • gold addy - cinematography

Production company: Crown Chimp

Location: Brooklyn, ny


brandon: Ryan DeLuca
mr. mike: Paul Hickert

Voice of Dental Assistant and PA System: Brittany Duarte

Producer/UPM: Rob Margolies
Director of Photography: John Sears
Production Design and Make Up: Chelsea Manifold
Location Audio: Andre Netto
Production Assistant: Izzy Cohn
2nd Unit Production Assistant: Danny Sax
Original Music: Daniel Vildosola
Sound Design and Mix: Michael Clark
Colorist: Will Turner
Music Supervisor: Rudolpho Duarte
Special Thanks
Screen Actors Guild, Paul Michael’s The Network, Lumber City, Mathew King, Kris Sharma, Nathan Lee Fullerton, Jacob Turrentine, Ridge Young, Courtney Young, Kelley Baker, Jackie Stubbs, Michelle Webber, Adam Ray


We looked at a lot of references for tone and structure on this film. Half Nelson, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Sleepers, Warrior, Doubt, Mystic River all were strong touch stones for the team as well as the Modest Mouse track "Parting of the Sensory".  

A look at all the frames from the film

A look at all the frames from the film


BTS Stills