western union

Credit: director, co-writer, co-editor

press: Great ads; ads of the world; Agency spy; Adforum; adland; fubiz

  • communicator award - branded content

  • davey award - editing

  • gold w3 award - online video

  • w3 award - branded content

  • gold addy - cinematography

  • addy - branded content

Production company: riotmaker, crown chimp

Location: tucson, az

Tomas Tovar, Anthony Lobato Jr, Patricia Johnson, Lou Pimber
Producers:: Nick Costello, Harrison Roberts
1st AD: Thijs Boonen
Director of Photography: Wey Wang
Production Design: Jessica Van Ravenswaay
Make Up: Sonia Campbell
Editor/Colorist: Harrison Roberts
Original Music: Daniel Vildosola

Thank you to all the other people involved in making this piece come to life.


This spot was based on those experiences growing up in a desert town, running around in the summer, and playing with friends; Setting up make-shift goals and riding bikes and teasing each other. The creation of this spot felt very similar- we had a small crew and it was the middle of the summer and it was hot but there was also so much immediacy to it all. A sense of "This is the only thing that exists so let's enjoy it." 


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