American Standard

I’m at the airport in Quito. 

More specifically:

     at a urinal 

     in the bathroom 

     in the airport 

     at Quito.

The flush valve leads to the words "American Standard"

     emblazoned on the porcelain. 

cross-hatching airport to airport, I haven’t taken my shoes off in 20 hours-

My sole protection against the small, stagnant puddle of piss 


     the base

     of the urinal.

My toilet at home does not 

     have a puddle of piss 

     next to it.

It is, however, an American Standard.

How many of their toilets do they have in the world? 

The company is based in New Jersey but majority owned by another company in Tokyo.

I wonder if the head of global sales for American Standard is happy?

What is their life like?

Do they feel they are failing?

Or succeeding?  

Or do they even see the world 

    as binary 

    as that? 

They must. They have to. 

It’s pragmatic to know if their work is effective or not. 

What does that do to them 


Does that pressure fissure? 


Do they feel connected to the world? To their employees? Their family? Themselves?


Everyone at this airport speaks to me in Spanish even though I understand very little.