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Nickolas Duarte is a writer/director and founder of the production company Crown Chimp. 

As a commercial director, Nickolas has earned over 70 industry awards including a National Addy, an Emmy, 6 National Tellys, and 3 National Communicator awards. He’s done work for clients such as Adidas, the NBA, the NFL, Nike, Pepsi, BMW, Ford, New Era, Charles Schwab, China Mobile, T-Mobile and Western Union. He was inducted into the AAFT Advertising Hall of Fame as the 2017 Next Generation Award winner.  In this space, Nickolas is focused on making lifestyle/vignette stories that capture moments of honesty.  

His scripted and documentary work has played in Academy Award qualifying festivals to international acclaim, has been nominated for a Webby award, received distribution through sony pictures television and has been described by Short of The Week as “almost as much a physical viewing experience as an emotionally affecting one.”  He is a two-time NALIP Fellowship Recipient and a National Endowment of the Arts Recipient. As a narrative filmmaker, Nickolas aims to make visually engaging, performance-driven stories with impressionistic elements about people going through a state of catharsis. 

He is currently co-writing and directing a crime drama for Warner Bros.



Latino lens/time warner grant recipient

Sony pictures television distribution

National ADDY


6 National Tellys

5 National W3 Awards

3 Communicator Awards

International Davey

international muse award

MoMA Nomination

67 Regional Awards

5 Best of Show ADDY

2017 AAFT Next Generation Recipient 

2x NALIP Fellowship Recipient

Festivals: Latino Media fest, docuwest, Short of the week, film shortage, omeleto, St. Louis International, Short of the Week, Film Shortage, Arizona International, Art of Brooklyn, California International, Big Apple, Manhattan, Phoenix, NALIP Showcase, Illuminate, Loft in Malta, DC Shorts, Chicago International, International Cinematic Arts, 3 Minute, Indieflix, Fusion, World Kids International, LA Arthouse, Atlanta, Arnold Sports, Arivaca, ShortsNonStop International, Arizona Underground, Northshore, NYC Downtown, In the Bin International, Atlanta Underground, Loft International


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Charles Schwab

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Western Union


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Shot with documentary-like immediacy {and} portrayed with strikingly honest performances

Beyond the image interview

through haunting and hypnotic worlds, the viewer is asked to examine what transition means to them.

The result is a rich flow of images, sounds and emotions that will haunt you, long after watching.

Respect the process interview

"able to embody guilt as a foreboding, pervasive presence..."

Director's Notes interview on "Jay"

"Brilliantly transcribed and utterly performed by {the Lead}"

"as poetic as any portrait of an artist has ever been."

"it can be a challenge, but it’s definitely one worth taking."

"Excites and keeps you glued to the screen"

“The film’s direction, set locations and even sound design play a tremendous role in pulling this unusual story into a memorable watch.”

“Almost as much a physical viewing experience as an emotionally affecting one…"

“ There’s more hanging in this air than exists otherwise in the workshop, a sword of Damocles with a fraying thread, a vast shared McGuffin as hard to remove as a fish hook.”

"the real deal when it comes to delivering a unique perspective that challenges the way we think…”

"You probably either love it or hate it."

“art eating itself {and may} usurp your expectations of what an experimental film should be”

“a hopefulness that is a poetic homage to those facing struggle”

“is very weird and best not viewed before dinner”

“…appeals to the child in every human being”

"{It is brought} to life hauntingly with visuals and the raw emotions of the performances."