Credit: director, writer, editor, director of photography

  • National addy - cinematography

  • emmy - commercial, single spot

  • moma nomination

  • communicator - gold - cinematography

  • telly - broadcast

  • best of show addy

  • gold addy - branded content

  • gold addy - copywriting

  • gold addy - cinematography

  • gold addy - digital spot

Production company: Crown Chimp

Location: tucson, az

vo talent:   Jim ripley

talent:   ryan deluca, Jesse pickering, reymar reyes, xavier lewis, Henry Cejudo, lou Pimber, amber layne-genovese, Jay Kyle petersen, trinidad amaya, Melissa wiehl
additional Photography by: will turner
editor: matthew king

Thank you to all the people that made these pieces possible



30 second edit

2 minute Version

This is a compilation of the first three spots I did for adidas: 6 Minutes, Our Everything/More Than A Sport, and Monsters. I learned and grew so much between each of these projects and consider them to be the core of my foundation. Even though these spots were for a well-known brand, the production felt so much more like an indie film with us just running around and making the thing work despite any obstacles on the day of.

You can check out the original spots below:


Stills from the project "Monsters"